About White Suffolks

White Suffolks produce superior prime lambs leading to a better bottom line.

The White Suffolk is an Australian sheep breed developed for the trying Australian conditions.

It has proven itself as a premium lambing breed with the the following strong points:

*Breed at any time of year with exceptional libido
*Minimal lambing problems.
*Exceptional Prime lambs produced in all conditions, with high percentages of healthy early maturing lambs.
*Clean open faces and legs pose minimal grass and seed problems.
*Tandara White Suffolks carry little or no colour, less than 5% of Tandara White Suffolks carry any colour.

White Suffolks are Australia's fastest growing breed.

Tandara White Suffolks & Angus Bulls are paddock reared .

You can find out more about White Suffolks from the Australian White Suffolk Association - follow the link.

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